Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Collage: More Cake, Vicar? (and farts)

More cake, vicar? That's an old saying for when you've just farted. This morning I described a 'melancholy fart crawling from my arse to fall and die on the carpet'. And I hadn't even farted. Another 'leapt merrily from between my cheeks and danced around the room'. Poetry. I could show so-called poets a thing or two. 'More cake, vicar' is an old British (English?) saying, I think. I mention this for non-British visitors. One of you is not British, I know. The other is. So here's a baby/cake combination collage. Perhaps I should mention 'collage' a lot. I think that's called a 'keyword'. I dunno. Collage digital collage collage digital anyway.

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