Thursday, 4 June 2015

You Are Doomed, Earthling! Good-Bye!

Science fiction has influenced my art and writing for as long as I've been putting pen (and ink) to paper, first scrawling and scribbling stories as a ten-year-old whilst the family watched TV and on through collage and cut up texts. So, no surprise then that the anti-gravitational pull of amazing stories and images still exert themselves, frequently spinning me off into realms beyond our atmosphere. In this image I was drawn towards repetition, as you can see, with a conclusion to the central strip, or rather, read left to right, staggered needle-stuck refrain. You are doomed, earthling! Good-bye!

Music is naturally a part of all this. I usually listen to synthesised/space sounds whilst working, ranging from Stockhausen to Sun Ra and modern Electronic music. To accompany the above work, though, I've chosen an old Renegade Soundwave track...

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