Monday, 6 July 2015

One Moment's Madness

Simplicity is the ultimate said Leonardo da Vinci, who knew a thing or two about...things...but although I take his point, people (viewers) often fail to appreciate simplicity...and accuse me artists of not having done much...I imagine, sometimes. Or perhaps they don't. 

The thing being, we don't know what people think of our work unless they speak up. Silence, however, is golden when it takes the place of abuse...or cruel criticism. And, as we know, people react differently to a piece of art. 

Simplicity is a brave move. As much as the artist knows what is behind the work (the idea, thought processes, struggles, ideology or whatever) the reader may not 'read' anything. Complex work, though, wears it's effort on its sleeve. A viewer may not think much of the result, but they can see that a lot of work has gone into it. Unfortunately, complexity to no good effect in the eye of the beholder backfires, or rather, doubles the critical weight of their negative response: 'They put in all that effort and for what? That?!'

For fun (what else?) I performed some simple tinkering with the comic strip panel below. The funny thing being that it took me as long as some more complex pieces. This due to my lack of technical expertise, I must add, rather than much thinking...

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