Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Vispo: Stranger

I went into a book shop today, rummaging around, asking the assistant for various types of things, one of which was concrete poetry and he tells me loads of people come in asking for that, which leads me to believe there's a big interest in it at the moment. Anyway, he didn't have anything and wasn't eager to help, being reticent, very English, very much the kind of worm-riddled middle-aged man I've encountered so often in book shops over the years, with loads of stock, seemingly specialising in print-related books, so I thought I might find something interesting, but didn't. I've labelled this piece 'Vispo' but perhaps it isn't; the theoreticians of concretised visual wordplay can (but won't, in this case) argue over that til the cows come home. It's working with words. It is what it is...

Stranger, RTomens, 2016

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