Friday, 22 April 2016

Digital Collage: He Had A Dream / Punk Art?

....'Digital Art!' - he spat the words. As they hit the pavement he twisted his heel on them, creating black smears which he then drove into the gutter with a stream of piss. 'Huh. Most fucking digital art is no more than an exercise in technical competence carried out by people with no imagination but total command of software designed to create the illusion that it's user is an artist of merit! That world is like Rock music in 1976, full of Prog musos lead by 'curators', the modern equivalent of pony-tailed A&R men! It needs it's Punk revolution. Where are the graphic guttersnipes? The snarling, scruffy, don't-give-a-fuck anarchists of Art?'...

He Had A Dream, RTomens, 2016

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