Thursday, 26 May 2016

Sexy European

......back from France Co-Op croissant aint the same but get one anyway, bring it home, get a parcel from Amazon take it outside - The Tribe by Jean-Michel Mension - Paris - find a picture of a Parisian newsstand circa 1935 by chance 20mins later and stick it on card (above) - can't concentrate on the book because of gentrification drilling next door & helicopter patrol overhead - come inside, slot Rob (U) rang's ofo into the player - finish the card, think of all the things I could have been by now if Sigmund Freud's wife was my mother - perhaps I'll play some Charles Mingus later -  look out at the sun - look down at these keys - drink coffee - smoke - spread old art prints out on the table to remind meself that I've done some work...

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