Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Tate Modern Switch House Selfie - So Cool!

Tate Modern's new building, Switch House is the kind of new shiny thing that the kids will go for and Andrew Marr on telly the other night confirmed as much when he confirmed what we art-lovers already know, namely that Tate Modern was/is a very cool place for kids to hang out -  they love it! Selfie opportunities abound, along with the chance to hang out with lots of other cool kids because Art is cool and if they have time there are Art things littered around, some even hanging on the walls, but the coolest kind stands there looking a-ma-zing, like giant spiders, piles of junk, huge metal things and perhaps even interactive things. Everyone loves to interact with art...because it's better than just having to stare at it or worse still stare at something which isn't figurative because that takes some working out, some thought and perhaps even some background information or bloody historical context which, as you know, is a bit boring. Tate Modern and Switch House are cooler than clubbing...Art is cooler than clubbing and it's free! Mostly. Hurrah!

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