Thursday, 21 July 2016

Giving the Russkies a hot time...

Those Russkies Will Really Have A Hot Time!, RTomens, 2016
A piece created from my comic book infatuation. Is 'infatuation' putting it too strongly? Probably, since I don't collect, nor do I know much about the history; rather, I love the colour tones of mid-century comic art. McCarthy-era Commie paranoia may seem 'hilarious' (at least, amusing) to us now, when actually we live in equally dread-filled, paranoia-inducing times, with potentially violent religious extremists under every metaphorical bed. Worse still, not just from the perspective of an American, but worldwide, the 'fear' is palpable. Second only to the religious extremist, the immigrant 'under the bed' and ready to steal our jobs and homes.

Meanwhile, here in the UK, MPs have just voted to renew Trident weapons system...because...well, there are dangerous people with nuclear capabilities and other, much bigger countries who might turn never know. You'll note the word 'missile' partly visible in the piece above. This was done before the recent vote, but made it timely. You'll also note I've indented the central 'flash' pattern, just to give it some depth. As with most of my work, it involves a great deal of chance rather than precisely planned composition. Thanks for visiting.

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