Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The Tunnel collective present: Hunger at Republic Gallery

There's gonna be a hanging! No, I haven't got hold of Donald Trump's neck - I mean art work, this Thursday, for the opening of Hunger, an exhibition by The Tunnel collective, of which I'm now a member. So as you will know, if you've ever done a show, I'm rather busy right now (note to self: don't look behind you at the unpasted paper, work that needs small final touches, unframed work, mess of tape, glue, etc) - so I shouldn't be gassing on here. Just letting you know about the event in case you're within travelling distance, i.e., of this earth, because why shouldn't you get a 'plane to London to support us under-the-radar artists? I hate the word 'emerging' when applied to artists. Most of us aren't 'emerging', we emerged years ago and are fully-formed artists who don't sit around waiting until we have 'emerged' into the spotlight shone by those deemed worthy of illuminating our talent - fuck off!

Snap details of some of the work I'll be showing. The woman I cook for (ha-ha!), Jane Pearrett, will also be showing works along with pieces made together as WE. Do come along - I've got mouths to feed, namely mine and hers...

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