Friday, 19 August 2016

Vispo Collage: I've Seen It Wreck Romances

Vispo remix of the day, no, not Vispo Remix of the Day, that would be stupid, not that I haven't done several remixes in a day before and thought one to be the best. Here's one from a three-piece series...enamoured with the texture, I contemplated a piece of pure shapes, no text, but decided against it. It's been an odd day, since you wondered. I knelt before a blank sheet of paper for some time, hating the bastard for stubbornly remaining blank, then poured some PVA into a pot, grabbed some brushes, flicked through some magazines and the blank page remained blank. I gave up, played The Fall's Bend Sinister album, drank coffee, surfed the internet and finally returned the Romances series, which was almost complete.  

I've Seen It Wreck Romances, RTomens, 2016
Vispo, concrete poetry, digital art collage


  1. I somehow missed this before but it's great!

    1. I see that you have pinned one of the works of my friend, John Furnival, and stated that it is an untitled poster poem. For information, the work is an ink on board drawing that I own from which he subsequently made some posters. The work is entitled Aliquotality. Cheers

    2. Thanks for the info Bernard. Can't remember where I pinned that but I'll endeavour to title it when I find it.

  2. Thanks Joakim. (You can't keep up, obviously!)(wink)