Tuesday, 16 August 2016

What's Fine Art?

Untitled, RTomens, 2016
......'so what's the difference between 'Fine Art' and...other art?' I thought, walking down Kentish Town high street today, having pondered the question a few times before and never found an answer, of course, because there isn't one. Is there? Fine Art gets all the kudos. Who designates a piece as Fine Art? Dealers? Critics? Part of me hates Fine Art just because the label signals worthiness as defined by somebody else, not me.

Part of me hates oil painting, especially portraiture. Only part. And only because it belongs to The Tradition, which has supposedly long-since been demolished; yet still, the post-classicism of Fine Art (conceptual/sculptural/film etc) persists and is embraced by all, seemingly.....even supposed 'rebels', many of whom have been brainwashed by years spent at art college and cannot shake off the shackles of Tradition old & new.

If it's painted, it's Fine Art (except the stuff seen in high street dealer windows, of course). Or a Warhol print, naturally. I see art I rate more highly than most modern Fine Art on Punk record sleeves from the 70s. But that's just me, speaking from this lowly position - ha-ha.

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