Sunday, 25 September 2016

Money London: The Destruction of the Flaming City

(Britain, colloquial) Damned, bloody.
I wasted three hours in that flaming traffic jam!' (Wiktionary)

When making this piece a few months back I had no idea that it was soon to be the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire Of London. The page is from the book, The Heart of a Nation. I've posted the original page and book cover beneath my alteration. The adjective 'flaming' is rarely used in Britain today and whilst realising it's usage here may not be appreciated by many people it is what makes the piece work. It was shown in the Hunger exhibition. Money ruins everything, the saying goes. I don't fully believe that, but there's no doubt that the drive to monetize every inch of land in London in order to attract the rich and house the middle-classes is causing the destruction of this city's soul.

 altered book, collage,

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