Friday, 21 October 2016

Being Prolific / A Sense Of Devotion

A Sense of Devotion, RTomens, 2016
"You haven't posted any art for the last five minutes!" Someone joked in the pub last week. Words to that effect. A joke I took on the chin, because although I don't think it was intended as a backhanded compliment I did smart a little at the idea, which was simply to point out how prolific I am. Yet...yes, there's a sense that anyone who makes as much art as I do cannot be taken seriously? Hold on. Who expects to be taken seriously? Do I? Isn't this all just another flicker in the visual image stream? Perhaps. And as such, I'm reconciled to the fact that I simply contribute to the whole thing. An ongoing image machine...just an art worker in 'the factory', bereft of 'status', no chance of be it!

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