Wednesday, 23 November 2016

A Work of Art / Rauschenberg Is Coming To Town

A Work of Art, RTomens, 2016

Quick collage 'doodle' today.


"You better watch out / You better not cry / Better not pout / I'm telling you why...Rauschenberg is comin' to town!" Yes, the big Tate Modern retrospective is due very soon - ah, so what - I won't be going for months, hoping the crowds will have thinned out by then, but they probably never will...IT'S A BLOCKBUSTER! And everyone and their granny will be there because Rauschenberg is so...accessible?
"Look, Mum, it's a goat!"
"Yes, Gemima, isn't it great?"
Tell you what, I've a good mind not to go - that'll show 'em!
Saw some work of his in Nice, anyway, da-a-arling...really, you should go...

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