Monday, 30 January 2017

Digital Art: promises / The Cultural Party

Promises (1), RTomens, 2017
just another picture...

A friend posted this about Trump - it's a thing you're supposed to copy and share - it's a thing that gets people annoyed/depressed/angry and I fear my attempt to assert a positive notion relating to the importance, the value of creating this culture we make, these small press books/magazines, the music, the No Audience art etc fell on more or less deaf ears. I meant we carry on regardless countering woeful world news with our art, what we love and cherish.

So the unstable world wobbles a bit more and you say culture don't amount to a hill of beans compared to Big World Political Events - you say - you pin your hope on petitions, a political party, a 'movement' - OK. I have no faith in any of that. My 'party' is what I make and others have made - you know - those things that belong to the area that others call 'entertainment'  because what they love does entertain them and they need it, the light relief from worrying about Politics.

My culture is not solely that culture although I like a bit of light entertainment. 

What we like and make is what we are?

Do you make shit?

Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

What solution? Culture never solved anything...did it? All it did/does is save you from madness/depression/despair. Isn't that enough? Culture can't protect you from the harm politics can do. It's a relief. Instead of wallowing in light entertainment...
...people who do get what they deserve when the shit hits the fan and the only thing they turn to is celebrity culture/shit TV/lightweight music, all of which reinforces feelings of 'failure' in the material/capitalist/celebrity idol world.

Here's a political broadcast...

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