Thursday, 5 January 2017

Digital Art: Terrifyingly Realistic / Two Artists In Discussion On The Bus

Terrifyingly Realistic, RTomens, 2017

Two characters on the 390 bus back from Archway, one has a battered case with him, both look a bit rough 'round the edges, bordering on wino-tramp style, both in their late-50-to-early-60s. The man without a case asks the other where he's going. He says he's going to Tate Modern, to sell art. Outside, of course. How much does he sell it for?
"Pound each."
"How long do they take to make?"
"About fifteen minutes."
"I'd have to sell mine for more than that 'cause they take an hour or two to do...about ten to fifteen pound. How are they going?"
"We-e-ll, yesterday I made about thirty-five quid."

I really wanted to see their art and am now considering pitching up outside Tate Modern...

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