Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Digital Collage: Angel Face / How To Make Digital Art

Angel Face, RTomens, 2017

People often ask 'How do you make digital art?' I note that sites offering such advice gain a lot of visitors. The advice need not be about could be gardening or cookery, they're popular. In a bid to escape this No Audience trap, despite it gaining me maximum credibility, I shall offer some advice about making digital art. Ready?

First get a computer. No, hold on, that's old school, so perhaps an iPhone. I've never tried to make art on an iPhone because I don't have one. The phone I have isn't that smart, but it's still smarter than me. Then find an art-making programme online. No, don't do that. Find some images online, then find software that...No, not that. OK, there are programs that you can 'paint' in, so try that. Don't blame me if the results are crap, it means you can't paint. If you can, you'll create a digitalised cat or something...or a portrait. If you think that's worthwhile. Good.

Actually, digital art is cheating, isn't it? It's not real art. The social network is cheating too. You met all those people without getting off your lazy arse! I have any more advice as to how to make digital art? No. Sorry.

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