Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Digital Collage / Unreal Art

'I have watched the lights of a computer in operation. And they looked like stars.'
- Allan Kaprow, The Artist as a Man of the World, 1964

An Ounce Of Prevention, RTomens, 2017
'I first thought your stuff was on paper' someone said to me at the week-end, a fellow digital artist, as it happens. I took it as a compliment...because I enjoy blurring boundaries...confusing the issue, a little. I do work on paper sometimes. Yes, the art becomes 'real'. 

What you see above, after all, is not Real. Is it? Ironic, perhaps, that art can be separated whilst the difference between virtual Life and Real Life is indistinguishable today. Unless you've managed, miraculously, to avoid becoming entrapped by Screen Life. In which case, you wouldn't be reading this. 

That art such as mine should be thrown into the world, where it sits, awaiting a viewer, seem entirely fitting to me. After all, in some sense, I am not a Real Artist. I am not even a fully paid-up member of the Digital Art Elite. You know them, those who create concepts for computer-based art and get written about in art theory books. They do clever things. Modern things. Contemporary things, I should say. Whereas I do old-fashioned things with this computer. I make pictures. 

I write on a wireless keyboard, which turns out to be less reliable than the old-fashioned plug-in kind. It's currently annoying me by underfunctioning, so I'll say goodbye for now. TTFN 

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