Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Vispo/Concrete Poetry: Yes, Sir

Yes, Sir, RTomens, 2017

Yes, sir, no, sir, someone is always giving orders, even in the art world. If not with their finger pointing in an authoritarian manner, by implication, you understand. These somebodies are always saying what is and isn't art, what deserves to be in a gallery, what is 'proper', what is 'Fine Art' etc. These gatekeepers...and the public aren't immune, duped as they have been by the weight of official art criticism combined with their feather light knowledge. I argued with a friend at the week-end, who suggested all Turner Prize entries were tossers, bullshitters. I understand, totally, not being immune to knee-jerk reactions in the face of contemporary art. But, I suggested, why don't you look into the history of one of these artists, find out what they're about, then condemn them if you still think they're charlatans? That told 'im! TTFN

Really looking forward to this concrete poetry exhibition in London: INTEGRATION ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH: Selected works of British Concrete Poetry 1960-1980, from 3 February - 24 March 2017 at Richard Saltoun Gallery

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