Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Print: Mountain of Dreams

(tag: art prints, digital collage, post-print collage, Skoob books, studio-less artists, artists who don't need studios because their work is digital and, to be honest, aren't proper artists anyway, are they?)

Post-print processing of Mountain of Dreams.

...hey, after saying "Everybody's an artist" the other day, guess what?
I'm selling stuff in Skoob books this morning when the girl behind the counter asks if I want a bag, which I turn down, saying I'll only recycle it when I get home. She then tells me about the time she put books in a bag with some watercolours which leaked all over them because they weren't in their own bag. "Oh," I say. "Are you an artist?" She is. So we have a chat about art, getting studios in London, the Paula Rego film on TV the other night, selling work and so on. Good girl...she gave me a decent price on the books. There's no fear of watercolours ever being in the same bag as my books...

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