Tuesday, 21 March 2017

the lights are on but no-one's home as flying saucers invade kentish town

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RTomens, 2016
what/ YES/no/what? yes no/what/ YES/no/what/YES/no/now what/ WHAT NOW?
mad man outside Barclays bank in kentish town saying shit / shit I looked at in the secondhand shops / shit/shit/shit music shit books//so much shit I never thought had been made (i said it before elsewhere and have to say it again / depressing shit people buy & give away because even they're bored with the shit they buy (or have got it on mp3 or read it and of course it's not fucking worth reading again because it's shit!
and for some reason as I'm sat outside the Renoir cafe with The Scottish Artist & friend (who doesn't see the problem with parakeets, she says as she smokes three cigarettes in 15 minutes) loads of cars, trucks, lorries & buses (or traffic, as it's known) come up (and down, depending which way you're facing, although Kentish Town Road does slope up (if you're heading North, or down if you're heading South)) with their lights on, some with just sidelights, but lots with lights on - so we notice and comment and it gets weird because every other fucking vehicle has either main or side lights on even though the sun's out virtually all the time and The Scottish Artist says 'it's like...er...day of the triffids' - what the fuck is he on? we sit drinking coffee spotting vehicles with lights on for a couple of minutes until the novelty wears off
and that's probabl;y what it'll be like when (not if) aliens arrive flying over K Town in their 50s B-Movie saucers - everyone pointing & talking & freeked out until they don't go away, just keep flying overhead & we get bored & carry on shopping, drinking coffee or searching for good stuff amongst all the shit people have given to charity shops

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