Monday, 8 May 2017

Vispo: Untitled

RTomens, 2017

Still reeling from Paolozzi at The Whitechapel Gallery -
- that's not true, actually, although it is a great show -
- it takes a lot to make me 'reel' -
- the Sigmar Polke show at Tate Modern almost did -


Any more?

Whilst 'names' can be inspirational, you have to believe in yourself first and foremost (tip for artists - free - ha-ha!) - by which I mean, in a way, put yourself above EVERYONE brush off 'the burden of influence' as if it were so much dandruff on your collar.

Meanwhile, unusually for me, the above piece is untitled. I like finding titles. It consists of text from Shadows blended with a print and treated. So all-in-all a three-process affair. TTFN

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