Monday, 3 July 2017

Self-underground art with Sun Ra

Pure Solar World, RTomens, 2017

..........stomach ache from eating fours squares of chocolate, one biscuit & a flat peach washed down with coffee - that's what did it - musta been - so I let the blinds down get in bed with Paul Youngquist's book on Sun Ra, read, lie flat & look at the radiant light around the blinds the sun hammering at them to come in, turn to face the wall but can't sleep for thinking about Sun Ra's description of his music as 'self-underground', considering it to be a good description of my art - if - if - well, you don't make the BIG EFFORT to even try to be 'overground' & all that entails (connecting, linking, liking, begging followers, begging other artists to follow you, sending work off to every site online that might be interested, Artstacking, Instagramming etc etc etc + trying to persuade gallery- owners that you're really worth a show - the holy grail!!!!)

so I'm self-underground like Sun Ra who, despite having a label El Saturn would mostly sell a few albums at concerts, hand-made sleeves, etc - he was, aside from being further advanced musically than everyone else (more or less) way ahead in the underground indie production stakes too

but now we know being 'indie' and self-everything is 'hip' now. and sadly, for all of us, we will not be as legendary as Sun Ra became in his life (and afterlife) and nobody will want to pay anywhere near as much for my prints as they do for those rare Sun Ra albums (boo-hoo).

still - we live! - we continue, as we must.
the picture above is created from a photo I took of Paul Youngquist's book placed on top of my Remington typewriter. thank you.

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