Friday, 4 August 2017

Digital art/Vispo: The Will To Dispel Ghosts / Talking All That Jazz Inspiration

The Will To Dispel Ghosts, RTomens, 2017

A belated review of my book, Too Much To Bear, has appeared on the Asemic Front site. It's pleasing to see that DVS recognises an aspect of my work, namely a non-visual influence in the form of Jazz. Even artistic influences infiltrate my creativity in a ghostly fashion since I dote on no-one and certainly do not regularly seek ideas from any well-known artist. I do, however, listen to music a lot of the time and always when working. That is not to say that the sound of Cecil Taylor's piano or Ornette Coleman's saxophone in any way direct the Shape of My Art To Come; only indirectly, since the spirit of Jazz inspires me. Jazz, that is, borne of free-thinking, improvisational energy and contemplation. Most of my work is akin to spontaneous music (the solo) which comes from many hours 'composing' in my head. Composing, that is, a mood, perhaps, or structures within which I explore. TTFN

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