Friday, 9 March 2018

Art Print: Activity /Figurative art

RTomens, 2018

Figurative art is understandably popular; it's as if by being able to see another human in a piece of art people feel comforted - "Oh look! One of us!". Which is not to say that aliens in art aren't popular too. The 'question' of abstract art's validity is too old to merit another discussion, but you may have noticed how some people still don't 'get' it. 

Figures appear regularly in my work, although such is my taste and methodology that I never paint them. The National Portrait Gallery is not a place I visit very often although I have nothing against portraits per se. Actually, I haven't been there for about...25 years. 

As you may have noticed a lot of my material is 'found', ie, already made by someone. So it is with any figures I use. My figures sometimes 'speak' via the text they carry. In other instances, the text only defines the shape. The flying woman has appeared a few times in pieces. Sometimes she has  no-one to catch her. You'll notice a few elements combined to create the overall image: a photograph (my own), collage (found image and paper cut-out) and print.

Do call in again, but don't expect a portrait anytime soon.

(Pop art, Dada, neo-Dada, surrealism, digital art, collage, digital collage, art print, London art, Situationist, Paolozzi, richard Hamilton, Pauline Boty)

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