Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Paper collage: Birthright

RTomens, 2018

On Saturday I felt the urge to return not only to my roots but the roots of collage, allowing for the other form, paint and paper, of course. Or one could call it 'Photomontage,' but despite having read the difference once I've now forgotten. It was probably only an opinion anyway, rather than a fact. 

Mark E Smith asked Who Makes The Nazis? 'Balding smug faggots / Intellectual half-wits' he claimed. I have no better answer. Equally, I cannot answer anyone who may query the content of this collage and the inclusion of Nazi flags. People will think what they think. It is impossible to explain where the idea for the images came from; only to say that they sprang forth from what was to hand, without the long search that's sometimes necessary for collage components. Why I put them together is a mystery. Art cannot always be explained, even by the artist. TTFN

(Pop art, Dada, neo-Dada, surrealism, digital art, collage, digital collage, art print, London art, Situationist, Paolozzi, richard Hamilton, Pauline Boty )

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