Thursday, 22 March 2018


'It's too be hateful'...playing Bowie whilst taking some self-portraits this afternoon. Lots of folk are very private about themselves and I don't blame them, what with recent revelations regarding shared information on Facebook. That's enough to drive anyone into the shadows.

Meanwhile...well,  I found capturing images of myself an interesting experience. It became a kind of experiment in ways of representing myself, to myself, primarily, since I was the first viewer with you, the second, in the back of my mind, of course. It was also partly an experiment in who I could be, if that makes any sense. In this partial role-playing game, I could be someone other than the common everyday self I see in the mirror without taking it to Cindy Sherman-like extremes.

The self others see is somebody else, isn't it? That said, I'm not wearing anything that I don't wear on a regular basis. The very act of photographing myself then looking at the results was, perhaps, a kind of stepping out of myself, but only being able to go halfway towards what others see.

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