Thursday, 5 April 2018

Paper collage/vispo: Leadership Success

As with yesterday's post, three variations from an original paper collage, altered by colour, this time along with the third treated differently. As before, the original is included at the bottom. 

Leadership skills are important, should you find yourself in a position of leading a team, which few of us do. Instead, we are often 'lead' by those seemingly unqualified to do the job properly. Leaders have a psychopathic condition which gets them the job, from which they derive power... individuals we do our best to 'lead good lives' yet find life leading us one way or another. As artists, we must lead ourselves and marshal the disparate elements (the team) within us to forge some kind of coherent strategy for Getting The Job Done. On 'the team' is the quiet reserved one, the shouter, the coward, weakling, fool, egotist, genius, idiot etc. The only success to be had is to get The Job done as well as you can...

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