Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Magazine: Understanding Is Not A Point Of View

View Understanding is Not a Point of View by Jamie Stantonian, Chris Godber, Robin Tomens, Mark Rathmell

'This is an anthology of paintings, writing, sketches, poetry, photography and rants about the state of media, society and the arts in the early 21st century. It is the second volume by The Tunnel; a multi-disciplinary arts collective based in London.'

40 pages, some of which contain texts and images by me, but I'm not plugging it for that reason, honestly. It really is a great magazine. A question has arisen over the use of the word 'rants' in the description, one person involved preferring 'critique'. I don't think there's anything wrong with a good rant. That's 'cause I'm 'street', not college-bred, innit? Besides, I confess to being the main reason 'rants' were included in the description because my opinion of Punk London nostalgia is included and my style is deliberately in the ranting mode, for obvious reasons. I could, of course, have coolly, intellectually critiqued the apparent need to pacify past cultural revolutions in our post-modernist quest for authenticity as being reflective of modern existential dilemmas facing us all. But didn't. AND IF YOU WANT TO ARGUE ABOUT THAT YOU CAN FUCK OFF 'CAUSE YOU'RE WRONG AND i SEE THINGS AS i SEE THEM, NOT AS OTHERS DEEM 'PROPER' OR INTELLECTUALLY MORE RIGOROUS - ALL RIGHT?! 

You can see a preview and buy it here.

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