Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Altered photo: Cultural Information Market

Cultural Information; the dissemination of facts pertaining to cultural events and objects, most of which are beyond useless but more than that, positively poisonous - cultural pollution - for which there is a huge market since the masses not only enjoy devouring drudgery and degrading cultural objects but also producing it, making them akin to a 'developing country', a large one that is so enamoured with the idea of industrial/technical advancement as defined by the West that it willingly poisons the world, just as others have done for over a century - we are what we consume. So here, I burn books. Books are only as good as their contents, otherwise, the promotion of Reading as an inherently Good Thing is a lie, quite obviously. I burn pages. I create an image from it.

(tags: burning books, digital art, artifice, ray bradbury, destroy all rational thought)

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