Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Vispo Collage Digital: Wisdom For Writers Series 2

More Wisdom For Writers...
'Have a go' that good advice for an aspiring artist? Why not? Go on, HAVE A GO. It's what anyone would say, isn't it? What harm can it do? Make art that isn't art and even you don't want to say that it is because you think you know what art is supposed to look like in its multitudinous forms, from stones in a field to performance it's still Proper Art because others say it is; those who matter, that is, as opposed to philistines strictly living in a past of painting and sculpture and they don't count for anything. But what have you made? Is it representational or abstract? Can it be hung on a wall? No? No? No matter. Console yourself, when wracked with doubt, that what you do is easier than writing a novel, at least. Advice I read once went like this: any fool can write a poem but it takes a special kind of fool to write a novel. So be special kind of fool and make your own type of art.

(vispo, concrete poetry, digital art, collage, paper, advice to artists, ignorance is bliss)

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