Thursday, 22 June 2017

Glastonbury Festival Special & The Casual Field

Glastonbury Festival - CO-O-O-OL! It's what Chelsea Tractors were made for, darling!
Middle-class revellers aside, there will be the usual alternative fields in which you can indulge in your anarcho-Utopia fantasy, align your chakras, pretend you're in a Mad Max film, relive the spirit of the second Summer of Love (whenever that was) by wearing a Kangol hat, baggy jeans and necking loads of Es then waving your arms around to Orbital (or someone, I don't know, I wasn't there). This year there's a new field, The Casual Zone, where you can expect to find loads of lads with wedge hair cuts wearing Sergio Tacchini and dancing to...there was no definite 'Casual music' so expect anything from the early-80s (Indie) but one thing's guaranteed; there will be blood! Star DJ for Saturday night in The Casual Zone is artist, Mark Leckey, so I heard. Mark introduced the middle-class art darlings to Casual culture via his film, Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore, which had them all fancying a bit of rough in the form of working-class lads wearing designer gear to the point where one female gallery owner from London travelled to Liverpool in search of some but only found 'horrible chavs'. Enjoy the week-end!


  1. Love the photo sequence. I'm dipping in and out via iPlayer and YouTube, from the relative comfort of home.

  2. Thanks Martin. Best place to view it from with a finger poised over mute.