Monday, 17 July 2017

Art print: The Devil Is Here In The City

RTomens, 2017
...'the devil is here in the city'...almost 30 years after this seminal Gary Clail/On-U Sound tune the lyrics still resonate - unfortunately - well, what could change? can the trough the thieves have their snouts in be moved in our uber capitalist society? who would dare do it?

I didn't have the track Two Thieves And A Liar in mind when I created the piece above but thought of it afterwards - a perfect fit. I had in mind, yes, the gentrification (social cleansing), the corporate pillaging...the evolution of London to its current status as mega tourist magnet (still! 'holiday in other people's misery', eh Johnny?), financial 'centre' (on the edge of a post-Brexit nervous breakdown) & as discussed with a gallery worker at the Mostyn last week, no place for artists wanting to show their work unless they can afford it (I don't think he fully appreciated the plight of two 'unknowns' from London sobbing about that over their cream teas in the North Wales resort!). still - you know what? sod it! it's good to be back all the same, here in my gallery without walls. thanks for dropping by. over to Gary...

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