Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Mixed media print/digital

RTomens, 2017

RTomens, 2017

mixed media
top one's a print. lower one isn't.

by the way, watched a film about Billy Childish last night & whilst I admire & support his attitude towards art as an 'outsider', self-publisher & musician, what he paints doesn't do anything for me. I read some Stuckists (he used to be one) moaning about art once & thought them painfully conservative in their reactionary stance against...well, everything except 'brut' representational painting, as I recall. Billy's stuck on van Gogh. fair enough. we all have key inspirational figures. one week mine might be Sigmar Polke, the next Dieter Roth...or Paolozzi...or Jamie Reid & so on. like Childish I also write, but actually, no longer poetry or straight fiction, preferring to manipulate text, other people's. I've never learnt to play an instrument, though. except the recorder. at junior school. in the 70s someone tried to teach me the basics on a guitar so I could be in a Punk band. I gave up after one lesson. I was a no-chord wonder...

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