Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Digital collage: Even Objective Reality Becomes A Useless Function

}digital art, collage, art theory{

RTomens, 2017

Objectivity in art is quite useless. Who can make an objective statement about any art form or piece of art? Whose eyes or ears are objective? Who can say this is art or this is not art? etc. So we may say. It is possible to state, objectively,  that a piece of art is technically poor, but only if the artist tried to render a subject as realistically as they could but lack the skill to do so well. The challenge of the 'Sunday painter': to improve, technically. This can be taught, theoretically, although I suspect that, like dancing, to some degree, you've got 'it' or you haven't. People may have 'it' in varying amounts. I have a Bronze medal in Tango, but no qualification of any kind in Art...

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