Monday, 16 October 2017

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Fine Art: Tradition and Technique (1 of 3)

RTomens, 2017
...are watchwords at the school of fine arts. 
Some of my best friends studied Fine Art...

Monday, 9 October 2017

Vispo: Judgement

RTomens, 2017

'For too many people concrete (poetry) is a head trip, which
is to say, an intellectual trip, and as such I can loo at it and
admire it. For most people I know it is a gut experience.'
- bpNichol, 1970

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Soviet Block (digital art collage vispo)

RTomens, 2017

Everywhere there is craft and technique; everywhere there is artistry and form.
- Kasimir Malevich

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The Moment Of Revolt

The most superficial and constantly reiterated platitude of leftish sociologists during recent years is that leisure has become a major factor in advanced capitalist society. This platitude is the basis of countless debates for or against the importance of a reformist rise in the standard of living, or of workers' participation in the prevailing values of the society into which they are becoming increasingly integrated. What is counterrevolutionary about all this verbiage is that it equates free time with passive consumption, as if the only use of free time was the opportunity to become an increasingly full-time spectator of the established absurdities.
- S.I. 1960

Monday, 25 September 2017

Art Addiction?

paper collage, digital art

Signs Become A Luxury, RTomens, 2017
I did not go 'cold turkey' quite but spent a week not making very much art because along with LJ I was on holiday from Work. The use of a phrase associated with drug addiction is appropriate if my art-making can be called 'addictive'. Whatever we do can be called anything according to the observer's opinion, of course. How others see our activity can be problematic if we take their opinion seriously or, I should say, actually consider what they say as a possibly valid response.

Artists do well to ignore what anyone says about them, especially if it relates to the way they dress. The other important issue is the art they make. In the cliched romantic view artists are supposed to be 'sensitive' but we know that cannot hold as a generalisation. Artists, you have no doubt realised, are just people who make art rather than being a special breed. That is not to say that artists see the world in the same way as Mr & Mrs People because in many cases they blatantly do not. Otherwise, like celebrities and Pop stars, they are all too human.

The sensitive artist, however, is prone to being hurt. Like all unknowns I do not have to deal with criticism and can therefore convince myself that I am thick-skinned and criticism would bounce harmlessly off me. I cannot predict with any certainty how I would react if I should become the subject of criticism from several sources. 

What has all that to do with addiction? Possibly nothing. My mind strays according to paths laid out by thoughts which spring from nowhere, seemingly, although their source must be a result of previous thoughts to some extent. I am less addicted than driven and I have tried over the years to identify the source of this drive. Sometimes I think it stems from my adolescence and years spent being denied the opportunity to thoroughly investigate my creativity, which was hardly encouraged by my father. Today I bear him no resentment for being so practical in trying to deter me from being full-time artist. Now I understand why he was like that.

Not being a painter (very often), or one who spends days over precise pixel arrangements, I can create images relatively quickly. It would be a mistake, however, to think that speed of production is the reason I make the amount of images that I do. That is only part of the equation. I am not endlessly unsatisfied therefore trapped in a speedy production cycle. I mention the possibility of this in relation to the internet and it's ability to whip us on in search of something so quickly that whatever we find cannot truly satisfy because we know we can travel so fast. The click momentum is unstoppable if we give ourselves over to it, only bringing it to an end through mental exhaustion.

I would philosophise about 'fast art' but currently don't feel inclined to expand on that subject. When I have more time, perhaps I will. TTFN  

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Vispo/Collage: Unrestrained Living x3

collage, digital, vispo, print

Three variations on an original theme/piece first thought of as a comment on the overriding bourgeois mindset/materialist domination of the art world which I then considered insignificant in relation to the art I and others working in the 'invisible' arena make, therefore hesitated to even continue before going ahead since it was virtually complete. It's tempting and easy to complain about what we perceive as The State Of Things (galleries/curators/dealers etc) but it pays to step back and realise that their world is actually another one entirely and not a place we should even concern ourselves with. Which is not to say that small salvos we may fire at Them are a waste of time, even if only to make ourselves feel better. I'm fully aware, however, that like the person who constantly complains about, say the government, without realising the ineffectiveness of their voice only results in bitterness which make them miserable.