Thursday 27 February 2020

errorism - a journal of re-appropriation (Ragged Lion Press)

When Edwin Sellors, publisher of Ragged Lion Press, first posted photos of Errorism I thought it was a massive box and wildly ambitious. Turns out it's only 22 x 15.5cm and 2cm deep BUT it's still a hugely ambitious collection of collages, poetry and prints by various artists and poets; stapled, pasted and bagged up by hand. Something about the miniature focuses one's attention. Unlike small images on a smart phone, though, the wonder of paper products is that they cannot be scrolled past in a flash. Well, you don't need me to tell you the joys of paper/card products. This certainly is not a matter of quantity over quality because the level of creativity on display is extremely high. If you think the asking price of £35 is a little high too, trust me, you won't feel short changed. You'll open the box and marvel at the contents, just as I did. It's available here. There are limited copies available so don't miss out!

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