Friday 19 April 2024

Vispo triple bill: Mind In Motion, Retune Your Brain & Last Words (version 1) / An art worker speaks!

RTomens, 2024

Now that I'm a full-time Art Worker (the pay's rubbish!) I can type or collage virtually every day, hence a triple bill of visual poetry, just to keep you up with what I've done, well most of what I've done...I mean, yes, of course, there's stuff I haven't shown the world, not because I didn't want to but because it ended up amongst all the other papers lying around. 

Yesterday we got chatting to the barman at the revitalised (rebuilt) Constitution pub. Turned out he had a Master's degree in Art! And he confessed to being a conceptual artist. I swore I wouldn't tell anyone. He even owns a typewriter, so he told me when I let him know I made concrete poetry on one. I called myself a 'Folk artist' but he misunderstood, thinking of the genre, not the way I meant it, so I explained I meant making art like the old Hillbilly guys would make music on the front porch of their shacks. In other words, I have nowt to do with the Fine Art world.

I've woken up my Tumblr account if you want to follow it. I'll be posting new stuff regularly. I only woke it up because someone suggested I should be on there and I thought 'Why not?' If it gets my work seen by a few more people, that's good. If a rich gallery-owner sees it and puts on a solo exhibition and I make money, even better (ha-ha!).

RTomens, 2024

RTomens, 2024

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